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If you’re a newbie in the world of blogging and if the WordPress website world is something you’re just starting to discover – you might be wondering how is it that out of the millions of blogs that are out there, there are still some that make it to the top 10 on the first page of the Google Search.
Let’s say you’ve read every possible article on how to start a personal blog, came up with its main idea, chosen a perfectly beautiful and functional WordPress theme for your upcoming writing masterpiece, set it up properly, even started to post on a regular basis – but there is still no sign of visitors on your website. And your head starts exploding with dozens of questions like “What do I do?”, “How to start promoting my website?”, “I feel like I know stuff, but not really sure where to start! SOS!”.
If that sounds like you – don’t panic! We got your back on this. In this article, we’re going to share some key tips to get your WordPress website up and running!


1. Make your website stand out from the rest!

You do have to realize that there are half a billion WordPress base blogs out there on the world wide web, at least 60% of them look similar to each other, have almost the same design, same structure, navigation, widgets and so on. You don’t want your website to add up to the number of those blogs that lack personality.
You know what they say – there’s no second chance to make the first impression. So you’ve got to come up with something that will leave a mark on your visitors’ memory. A great-looking, unique logo might be exactly what you’re looking for!



2. It’s all about quality

When it comes to having a personal WordPress website, you have to put in a max effort to make sure there’s quality in everything about it! Starting with the theme you choose (here’s where you can learn more about it) because visual representation is the first thing that forms an opinion. We recommend using only trusted sources of premium WordPress themes like this, or visit our store and pick the one you like there. And last but not least it’s the quality of the content that you publish. It has to be unique, 100% original, useful and impressive. Make sure you post regularly, let it be three times a week, but make it constant.



3. Format your text

There’s no need to make long-long posts that are hard to read and understand. Make it simple, divide it into paragraphs, do not use bold and italics too much. Make sure you use lots of pictures that look catchy and bright.


4. Connect with your audience.

We all want to be heard (guess this is one of the reasons you’re starting a blog or a website in the first place, right?). So make sure you’re not the only one to get a feedback. Let your audience know that all of their comments and participation is appreciated and doesn’t go unnoticed. Reply to their comments, post new articles on matters that are interesting for them, answer their questions and most importantly – encourage further communication.



5. Do not neglect collaboration

Find websites that are theme-related with yours and start making friends. There are so many benefits in exchanging banners or links and leaving mutual likes. Reposting each other is another great way to get noticed and help out other like you!



6. Do not forget about social media!

Most of the users online spend their time on social media platforms, so you better make use of it. Try sharing your website or blog there! Add some repost buttons to your website, so that your visitors could easily share your posts on their social media accounts!


7. Watch your website’s optimization

We’ve already mentioned it before in this article, about how important website optimization is. Check it out and make sure you follow all the steps to make your WordPress website work to its full potential.



8. Analyze statistics

Such tools like as Google Analytics, JetPack, Advanced Blog Metrics, Hitsteps Visitor Manager let you see the insights of your website. This will help you understand which pages draw the most attention and which are useless, and also this will help you see what time is better for posting by tracking your users’ activity hours.


Overall, promotion of your WordPress based website is a long-term matter, that takes a lot of time and effort. But, considering you follow these simple steps, sooner or later you website will start drawing more and more attention. Just get some patience and good luck on your online journey!

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