How to create video news magazine. A collection of top WordPress themes we recommend!

As all of us know video content becomes more valuable since it is able to keep visitors attention, which drops bounce rate and encourages search engines to crawl your site deeper and more often. Thus, running a video news magazine built with WordPress CMS may be a really good point, especially considering tons of materials helping to create high quality and really interesting news portals.

So, the question is “Are there any good ready made solutions out there that may match our needs?” What’s the most affordable yet functional one? This article aims to answer these questions and give some recommendations based on our experience. It’s a well known fact that there are few places providing reliable and affordable solutions for websites also known as themes ant templates, but in this post we’ll be dealing with 2 major sources of WordPress themes which are TemplateMonster and Themeforest. Read more

Canabia – professional WordPress theme for marijuana dispensary

The business sphere of recreational and medical marijuana is growing rapidly, the window is gradually closing but you may have a chance to become a millionaire in new business with comparatively low competition and expanding market. Sure enough, having a website is a must if you are looking to stand up right and take your place on the market.

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5 WordPress Plugins Perfect For Any E-Commerce Website

To make your website work for your business you need to be constantly improving its design and usability, create additional touchpoints for your business and your audience, test new solutions for increasing conversion, pay attention to the search optimization of a website and involve with interesting content.

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Best Mobile Apps for Productivity

The moment the first smartphones entered our everyday life, mobile phones became an essential part of it. They are now the source of entertainment, the main communication mediator and since recently they have even become a tool of professional activity as well. Read more