In the age of the Internet we have so many opportunities to work, grow and develop! And we don’t necessarily have to do it in the crowded uptown office, spending our days doing some useless paperwork or dying from boredom in front of the computer. Thanks to the level of technology we are now free to use our skills and do what we do best from any place in the world. We can enjoy the sun and the ocean in Miami, get inspired by the mountain view somewhere in Switzerland or explore the unimaginably beautiful nature of Norway. And while seeing all the best places the world has to offer we can still do something we’re best at and earn money.

Consider writing your strongest side? Great! Then you can go ahead create your personal blog on literally any topic. Or let’s say you have certain skills and knowledge on how to promote websites (SEO as we call it today) or whether you’re into social media marketing and want to move in this direction – you will find dozens of benefits in remote working. Today’s digital reality abounds with freelance web-designers and web-developers that create modern web templates with the most amazing features!

There are countless options to start your own freelance journey, but there is this one question that every freelancer stumbles upon – how to keep yourself motivated throughout the whole time.
There are so many advantages of being an independent remote worker, but it’s not always as easy as it seems. Of course travelling from country to country, no need to be stuck in the office, the ability to decide when to work and when to rest sounds incredibly tempting and exciting, but this kind of work demands a very high level of self-discipline and organization, as well as patience and stress-resistance.
Motivation is the key to making it all work. Motivation is a powerful force that can push us to make some changes in ourselves and in the world around us. But just like any other intense emotion it can go away just as suddenly as it comes. Here are some tips to make it last:

* Do what you like. We know, we know, it’s usually easier said than done, but just for the sake of the experiment, try concentrating your efforts on things that are pleasant to you and see how it goes.
For a comparison, to make it a bit clear, when trying to become fit and lose weight you usually choose that kind of sports that you enjoy doing rather than the one that may be popular or widely advertised. That way reaching your goal is easier when you enjoy the process along the way!
The point is, don’t be afraid to say no to everything that’s burdening or holding you down. You’ve only got one life to live, so you definitely want to make it count!

* Concentrate on the end result. Most of truly major works or goals demand equally significant efforts, that are going to bring results if you give it some time. Striving for a well-fixed, independent lifestyle is great, but it implies working damn hard and never giving up. Your work may not always go smooth, but instead of dwelling on what’s bad, concentrate on the reason you started the whole thing on the first place.

* Small accomplishments go a long way. If you’re about to start a day that you know is going to be long, hard and exhausting, try to score some small gains that are going to leave you with a sense of “mission accomplished”. Whether it means cleaning the mess on the table that you promise yourself to clean weeks ago or making that phone call that you’ve been postponing for so long. Such tiny victories will help you regain self-confidence and that, in its turn, will increase your productivity.

* Strike the iron while it’s hot! After boosting your self-confidence it’s time to go for something big. This is a perfect time to get down to the most serious and complicated task of the day. Write down that main paragraph, fix those bugs that you’ve been avoiding, finish that block in your template that was so complicated to come up with. Whatever it is, just do it. When we postpone such tasks till the end of the day, they are most likely to be left for the next day. And if the tendency stays the same – for the day after as well. That is how complicated tasks stay unfulfilled.

* Regular breaks are everything. When you feel refreshed and brisk it’s much easier to stay motivated. Breaks are a great tool to increase your productivity. Instead of mixing the work and play by getting distracted with every little thing, set the exact time periods for work and rest to organize your personal schedule. Sounds like office, doesn’t it? Probably yes, but the fact still remains the same – it will positively affect your productivity.

* Don’t take too much on yourself. Most of us are literally overloaded by too many tasks and responsibilities. We are trying to do it all at once but don’t get anything besides the chronic exhaustion. It’s understandable to want to be smart, attractive and successful at the same time but it’s always better to concentrate on one goal and give it your full dedication. That way you’ll have more chances for success.

* Always remember to reward yourself. Small prises for every fulfilled task can be a really strong motivation method, especially if you’re doing the work you don’t enjoy much. Spontaneous break, cup of freshly brewed coffee, a walk in the park or a favorite dish, just go for something that bring you joy and reward yourself for such small victories.