Let’s face it, WordPress is one of the most popular CMSs that is available today. It’s easy to set up, customize and is suitable for all the possible website that your soul desires. Whether you’re looking for a one page/multipurpose template, luxury spa resort theme, clinic, rehabilitation center website or if you want to start your online video mag WordPress has got the solution for all of that. One of its best features is that it can be very attractive on the outside thanks to such a great number of existing themes. PProbablythat is why WordPress seems to be such an appealing platform for blogging starters. But once you start actually writing or working on your website you come to realize that not all the themes are equally convenient, intuitive and user-friendly, and some might even do more harm than good.
Choosing the right skin for your website or blog is not an easy thing to do. There are not so many guides to show you how to do it right and, really, there are few specialists that can tell a good theme from a poorly made one.

It’s no secret that the first criterion you pay attention to when choosing a theme is its design, because, you know, you’ve only got one chance to make the first impression. But, don’t fall for the appearance only, here are some other things to consider when choosing your website’s “outfit”.

1. First of all, think of the source. It’s highly unrecommended to download themes from the first available website, always better to go for a trusted market platform. Here’s why: usually themes that are sold on such platforms are checked on the absence of drastic coding mistakes, malfunctions, viruses and spam links. Consider getting your theme from the official WordPress themes catalog or from ThemeForest. Another trusted source would be a first-hand website of the development companies that sell their own premium themes.

2. Another important facet of a high-quality WordPress theme is its loading speed. Not only is it important for Google result ranking, it’s also vital for visiting index. If a website’s loading time takes more than 2-3 minutes, you visitors will most likely close the tab. Such version of events will negatively affect searching positions and definitely will not turn out very profitable for your business. Whenever you have a chance to test the demo of the product you’re about to purchase, go for it and base your opinion on personal experience.

3. Always Search Engine Optimize. Code optimization is as equally important as a unique and compelling content. It’s not about some quaint and complicated optimization, it simply implies following the correct document structure, and, perhaps, using microdata.

4. In 2017 the standard of the theme quality is set up to a very high point. All the modern web templates possess such features as responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility, but you still want to make sure that the template for your WordPress site does not just have this characteristic in the list of its features on the store page, but actually has it up and running without even the tiniest drawbacks.

5. As it’s been previously mentioned before, a design of your web templates is of huge importance. If you’re not a web designer you’re probably unlikely for you to keep track of all the nowadays trends. That’s why we will quickly guide you through them to give you a general idea of what’s a yay and what’s a nay! First and foremost – choose content over form. Users for sure will visit your site because of WHAT you post rather than HOW you do it. That why everything now is moving in the minimalistic direction. Fonts are now the main elements of design, so you will obviously notice that all the newest themes will come packed with bold, showy fonts that will soon enough replace image-styled main pages. Bright minimalistic colors and gradients should definitely be your first call. And last but not least, animations. They are now key elements of the interface because of the abundance of the tools that help easily create some catchy animations, so 2017 will be the year of their rise.

6. Make sure that the theme you choose for your website is content oriented. Content is the heart of your website. Define your audience. Depending on the sphere of your work, you have to accept the fact that you can’t be liked by everyone. A medical theme, gym and fitness template, personal page WordPress themes, modeling and fashion portfolios and many other multipurpose web templates will appeal to their specific circle of readers.

Choosing a right WordPress theme is indeed a challenging task that should be approached with responsibility. Hopefully, these key points will help you choose not just a highly appealing web template but also a highly functional one. The Internet gives you an unlimited number of options to explore, so choose wisely and never settle for anything less than perfect!

With Love,
MWTemplates team!