Blogging has become a vital part of our life. It’s hard to even imagine the 21st century without using WordPress, Instagram, Twitter or other social media platforms. People use these tools to share their ideas, stories of their success or to make others interested in certain products or promote some services. And with the abundance of modern web templates, WordPress themes, HTML templates, that are not only paid but can even be found free on the Internet, starting your creative portal has never been easier. Maybe you need a website to promote your political campaign, or maybe you’re looking for a sophisticated corporate and business template, or let’s consider a totally different direction and assume that you’re looking for a chic modeling portfolio website, then you’ll still find your match. Whether you’re a personal life coach trying to help people around or if you’re into this new hip trend of sharing your life, you will find dozens of online magazines and video blogs to suit your liking. Having your own personal blog equals having a personal web space that you can personalize by imparting some notes of your personal character to it. You can use it as one of the ways for self-development, online communication, it will also come in handy if your goal is to broaden your partnership circle or to give a boost to your startup business or brand.

The whole structure is of how it works is pretty easy (you would think). You come up with an idea, write it down, add some nice pictures to it and voila – your post is out there and selling. But looking at some statistic you’ll notice that out of 100% blogs, only 7% are actually live, meaning that they are visited by more than 100 people daily.

The main question to ask yourself before you start is to think why you need one. Among the answers that might cross your mind would be:

⦁ “Having a blog is trendy” – it really is so. But here’s the thing, you can make your blog pretty appealing on the outside by purchasing the newest WordPress templates with multiple options. But the inside or the content is what truly defines your creation. So, like it or not, you will have to be writing yourself and you will have to do it the way no one else has done it before. You have to be unique to get noticed.

⦁ “It’s going to make me tons of money” – probably not in the first year. Probably not even after that. If you deal with e-commerce you have to put in a countless amount of effort to make your blog profitable. It demands dedication and determination.

⦁ “Starting a blog because don’t know what else to do” – not a very good point to start with. This will definitely put you in those 93% of unsuccessful blogs that get a very low number of visitors. An aimless blog is less likely going to make it in the digital world than the one that was born out of an idea.

These points are something that people widely believe in because of the myths that are spread all over the internet. Everyone wants to have it all without trying too hard, but we also know that it’s not exactly possible.
Blogging demands a lot of self-teaching and a lot of hard work. It means you’ll probably have a couple of sleepless nights spent on the Internet learning about the newest trends, watching tutorial videos, figuring out how to do some coding, and looking for the sources of your constant inspiration, for you want to present your readers with the quality content only. If you’re building your website on the WordPress theme or on HTML website template you would want to make sure that these templates are responsive and support cross-browser compatibility, so that your readers can have the best experience when going through your blog or your website.

Having a blog will also teach you to discipline yourself big time. The first time you have a feedback on your work is going to be the time you realize that there are no excuses to postpone another one. You will see that writing a blog is even harder than the full-time job. It demands constant work and dedication without days off or holidays. That’s why blogging is also a lot about time management and knowing how to create an efficient schedule.
When starting a blog you have to be ready to socialize. Your audience will be international, some will come and go, leaving just tiny remarks under your articles, but there will be some that will stick with you from day one. All those people will have different opinions and views on everything you write about and you will have to learn how to accept that.
But all of this hard work will pay off eventually. If your web platform is unique and has something eye-catching, something that makes you stand out from the rest, sooner or later you’ll get noticed! Blogging is a great way to make a personal statement. But with this always comes responsibility that you should always remember about. Some people among your audience will take your advice seriously and some will even try to copy your lifestyle or whatever it is that you will be writing about, so make sure you set a positive example to follow.

Never follow – choose the best for your success!
MWTemplates team